News and Events

New Lineup for 2017

This coming year Guerrilla Scholars is conducting a number of events open to the public. Offerings include topics on Biblical Poetry, Global Warming and the Papal Encyclical, The Rise of Christianity, and the Nature of Consciousness.

Here is the current, proposed schedule:

    • Jesus Birth Narratives: Sheldon & Denise Greaves.
      Sunday, November 27th, December 11th & 18th (possibly January 1st).
      Matthew and Luke tell different stories about the birth of Jesus. Discover what these differences say about how the respective gospel authors saw the birth of Jesus, and what it meant. We will also cover the historical and cultural background, including the different messianic expectations of the times.


    • Development of Early Christianity: Craig Massie.
      Sunday, January 8th, 15th, 22nd, February 5th & 12th
      12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
      Using the tools of contemporary sociology and the study of 19th and 20th century religions movements, University of Washington sociology professor Rodney Stark explores elements that lead to the surprising growth of the marginal religious movement to a position of dominance in the Roman Empire in the first few centuries of the common era. Learn how conversion and Christian growth, the class basis of early Christianity, the roles of women, urbanization, the martyrs, and even epidemics contributed to the rise of Christianity, and how some of these elements can and do sustain Christianity today.This event will take place in the Bishop Katherine Lounge,
      Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan
      3400 NW Harrison Blvd
      Corvallis, OR 97330


    • Balancing Heaven and Earth: How Utilizing God-Given Nature and Instinct Can Heal the Body/Spirit Split in Christianity: Peter Fritsch.
      Tuesday, January 10th, 11th & 12th ,6:30 – 8:00 pm
      Using gospel stories from Mark and John, Peter will teach how we can relearn to trust our instincts and bodies to teach us truth, deepen our love for God, and receive God’s love in return. Human sensuality is essential to a healthy spirituality. Practical teaching regarding how to heal our own wounds and trust of our bodies as well as techniques of self nurture designed to enhance and enjoy our humanness will be taught in a safe, warm environment of sharing and dialogue.
    • Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan
      3400 NW Harrison Blvd
      Corvallis, OR 97330


    • Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Climate Change: Dave Bella & Sheldon Greaves.
      Wednesdays, January 18th & 25th. 6:30 PM — 8:30 PM
      With the publication of the Papal encyclical Laudato Si, Pope Francis I became a powerful voice in the movement to combat the causes and effects of global climate change, by fusing both religious and scientific concerns into a new synthesis that gives deeper insight into the nature of this critical problem. This seminar will explore both the biblical and technological aspects of climate change through the lens of the encyclical, and how it has shaped the global conversation.This event will take place in the Bishop Katherine Lounge,
      Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan
      3400 NW Harrison Blvd
      Corvallis, OR 97330


    • Consciousness, inter alia: Al Stetz.
      Wednesday, February 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd.
      As the psalmist pointed out, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. But if we insist on hard-nosed scientific explanations, then the phenomenon of consciousness is inexplicable. If we cannot explain consciousness, what option is there but to deny its existence?Actually there are other options, and in this course we will explore some of them. One option is that the problem of consciousness is unsolvable for reasons that are – to use an overused term – metaphysical, and that “there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our (scientific) philosophy.”Location and time TBA.


    • The Evolution of Spirituality and the Spirituality of Evolution:
      Bill Gazeley
      Sunday, February 19th, 26th , March 5th & 12th.
      This four-week class will center on Steve McIntosh’s book Evolution’s Purpose – An Integral Interpretation of the Scientific Story of Our Origins. We will explore evolution as the ever-present process through which everything in the universe has come to be. Using the lens of integral philosophy we will explore the evolution of consciousness as the interior domain of reality, while considering parallels to Darwinian evolution of biological organisms, cosmological evolution, beginning with the big-bang, and the evolution of culture. We will explore how evolution generates value, through the eternal and primary values of beauty, truth, and goodness, and its unmistakable spiritual message.


  • Lent Groups: Leaders TBA.
    Wednesday, March 8th, 15th, 29th & April 5th.